What's for brunch?

Oct. 12th, 2017 11:05 am
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Until I get my permanent dentures, I only have temporary ones, which are there to help my gums heal into a proper shape, to look better, and to speak more clearly. For conversation I take out the top one: maybe TMI ) Since I have no teeth at all now, I can't chew and I am eating only foods that don't require chewing – at most, that I can squish between my tongue and my palate.

This has forced me to be rather creative in the kitchen, which is a new situation for me since I am very little of a cook. Lots of use of scrambled eggs with cheese, or instant oatmeal cooked by microwave, often with an egg or two dropped into it (gotta have that protein!).

Today's breakfast was a new multiple combination: two large eggs scrambled with: a lot of Fontina cheese that I just grated fine, some of the red quinoa that I cooked a few days ago, and riced (chopped/diced very fine) cauliflower from the bag of it that I bought at Trader Joe's. The result? Novel, and pretty good. B+.

The Wikidata symbol

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:56 pm
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Looking at Wikidata just now, I noticed something about their symbol that I had never realized before.

That isn't just a random pseudo-barcode. It spells "WIKI" in Morse Code:
 .-- .. -.- ..
  W  I   K  I

Halvah in the sky

Oct. 6th, 2017 10:51 pm
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A minor planet, 518 Halawe, is named after halva.

filk: Barrette's Private Ears

Oct. 5th, 2017 01:32 pm
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This filk, originally posted at http://filk.livejournal.com/717910.html, is based on my first encounters with the "Schrodinger's Heroes" fanfic written by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith (Elizabeth Barrette) and others.

Barrette's Private Ears
Words by thnidu, ©mmxiij – Ttot*

*to the obvious tune. A twist on the standard filk abbreviation "ttto" = "to the tune of".
This one is ttto Stan Rogers' classic "
Barrett's Privateers".
Pronunciation: The last name "Barrette" is accented on the first syllable, like "Barrett", pretty much rhyming with "carrot".
"Private Ears" should be clearly two words, ≠ "Privateers".

It was early in Millennium Three
How I wish there were no fanfic now!
Some fannish writers hit the Net
With the freakiest flavor of fanfic yet.
God help us all! I was told
We'd peruse for free, refining gold,
We'd sire no puns, spread no jeers.
Now I'm a broken fan crying into my beer
The last of Barrette's Private Ears.

Then Elspeth Barrette crawled the Web / How I wish …
For seven brave fen, all literate, who
Would make for her an alpha-read crew / God help us all!…

The alpha-read troop was a promising sight …
We'd a list to report on: tales and frag-
Ments to look at and write up any zigs and zags …

At length she put two fables our way …
So cracked they made our cuticles creep,
Five metafictional levels deep …

They were based on an sf TV show …
Whose settings and characters fans would steal

Bruce Banner was there, and Dorothy Gale …
Sherlock, the Doctor, and Schrodinger Cat,
All linked by a Teflon Tesseract …

The stories poured in thick and fast …
Each week, each month brought more and more,
A couple, a handful, a dozen, a score …

Then the characters started writing us in …
The other readers all went mad,
Lost such sanity as they had …

Now here I sit working through the dawn …
But at least my brain has half a chance
Proofreading Harlequin Romance …


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