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From Consumer Reports
Liver Damage From Supplements Is on the Rise
Green-tea extract and bodybuilding pills pose a particular risk, study finds

You’ve probably heard that too much alcohol or excessive amounts of certain medications can damage your liver, an organ that helps your body extract the nutrients it needs from food and eliminate toxic substances from your blood.

But a new review suggests that many herbal remedies and dietary supplements can also harm the liver, including some that you can easily buy online or over-the-counter in drug or health food stores.

The study also found that injuries linked to those supplements are rising fast, jumping from just 7 percent of all drug-induced liver injuries in 2004 to about 20 percent in 2014.

Click headline for full article.

reactions to otherkinship

Jul. 17th, 2017 03:50 pm
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Having been introduced hereabouts to the term and concept of otherkin, I followed a few links in Wikipedia, reading the article and the talk page, and posted this comment. on the subject of other people's reactions to the concept.

Dear Parks on Tap...

Jul. 15th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Here's how Parks on Tap describes itself:

Parks on Tap is Philadelphia's traveling beer garden that gives back! It is a partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Fairmount Park Conservancy and Avram Hornik of FCM Hospitality that brings a beer garden to 20 different parks for 20 weeks. Parks on Tap is an initiative with the city that kicked off in 2016, aiming to engage the Philadelphia community and give back to the neighborhood parks.

Here's the letter I just sent them (and see below that):


This is the letter I sent them just a few minutes later, as a reply to what you see above:

Below is the email I just sent to you about problems in your schedule announcement.

I just realized that your little throwaway line
*closed on Monday + Tuesday with exception of some holidays*
which appears on one part of your home page but not on the Clark Park page
(and probably not on any of your other pages, if that's an example) means
you'll be open on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.
Would it really have been so much trouble to list them by name there?
And to add this very short list of exceptions explicitly to the schedule
on each location page?

Disappointed in you,


Repairing light bulbs

Jul. 14th, 2017 08:12 pm
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I belong to CE-L, a copyeditors' mailing list run from Indiana University. (Info: A discussion thread has been running under the subject "TOOLS: CFL vs LED light bulbs", starting with this post by Lillian Ashworth:

(Of course, editors have to do a lot of reading, so light bulbs are an important tool of the trade.)

One of the most recent posts is this one by Robert Lush:

Badger? Backhoe is more like it!

Jul. 11th, 2017 01:57 am
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via Quartz

Highly satisfied badger on six-day digging bender buries entire cow to eat later
Zoë Schlanger
April 01, 2017

(In case the article's date arouses your suspicions,  check out the National Geographic's story dated a day earlier.)

Researchers were delighted when an American badger in Utah was recorded on video late this winter frantically burying an entire calf over the course of several days. The badger worked continuously through days and nights to dig around and under the small cow carcass, until the tunnels it dug beneath it collapsed and the cow, more than three times the badger’s size, was entirely covered in dirt.

“I was really shocked and amazed, and really excited,” Evan Buechley, a doctoral candidate at the University of Utah and co-author of a recent paper describing the event told the Guardian. Read more...  )

Badgers have been observed before burying small animals underground, where they can be kept cool, which slows decomposition, allowing them to be eaten later. But, as the summary of the team’s paper says, “While badgers are known to scavenge and to cache small food items underground, this is the first evidence of an American badger caching an animal carcass larger than itself.”

When it finished, the badger sat atop the loamy burial mound and looked directly at the camera.

Read more...  )
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(h/t Kirsten Houseknecht)
First, the FDA link:

Victim's warning blog post:

Hi there, we need to talk. My name is Amy Moser. I have almost written this post at least 20 times and got too overwhelmed and abandoned it. Well here goes…

The antibiotics you took or are taking for your sinus infection, UTI, skin infection, laser eye surgery…ect…may have already damaged you.

Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, nearly every generic ending in “quin”, “oxacin,””ox,”…are all part of a large family of antibiotics called “Fluoroquinolones.” The FDA finally updated their warning on these antibiotics as of July 2016. They cite “multiple system damage that may be irreversible. Permanent you guys. Here is the link for the warning if you are a doubting Thomas: Take a gander real quick if you are reading this with an eyebrow raised. Trust me, I wish I had been given the opportunity to soak up this information before it was too late.

In 2010, I took Cipro for a UTI and it changed my life forever. A round of antibiotics literally changed the path I was walking, into a path that I couldn’t even crawl on. Multiple spontaneous tendon and ligament ruptures, spinal degeneration, and arthritis that is widespread. We are talking multiple joint dislocations and surgeries to most of my large joints and spine. Twenty surgeries in the last 7 years if you wanna count. I said T W E N T Y. This class of antibiotics were supposed to be only used as a last resort antibiotics, if all other options had failed. They never were supposed to be given for common infections. They damage the body so seriously because they actually damage the mitochondrial DNA. Those affect all cell function. Fantastic. You now have tissue paper tendons and ligaments. You are a human piñata at a party and life is whacking you left and right. Do you know what it feels like to hear and feel your shoulder pull apart like taffy, or your achilles pop and tear apart like an old rubber band? It gets even better. Fluoroquinolones cross the blood brain barrier. This can result in psychiatric events, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I was incredibly fortunate not to have the psychiatric side of this.

The damage is cumulative. )

This was my nightmare. It gets worse. There is no cure. No treatment. No relief. No specialist even. Im telling you…if it hadn’t been for the knowledge that God is ever present and with me…I would have walked out in front of a bus. He is the reason I am sane…well mostly.

Rump to skip Warsaw Ghetto Monument

Jul. 7th, 2017 10:08 pm
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Trump to be first president in decades not to visit Warsaw Ghetto Monument
By Rebecca Savransky

President Trump will be the first president in decades to visit Warsaw and not make a stop at the monument for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, according to Haaretz.

Polish Jewish leaders are criticizing Trump for his decision not to go to the monument.

Bigly descriptive

Jul. 7th, 2017 06:07 pm
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In "robust and lengthly [sic] discussion", Trump asks Putin directly about Russian meddling in 2016 election; Putin denies any involvement.
News crawl on 6-ABC Action News, Philadelphia

I don't guarantee the exact wording, but my jaw dropped at "lengthly", which I assume is a direct quote from our Mr. Malaprop. It doesn't show in a web search for /trump putin robust lengthly/, etc.; I figure it was promptly censored and corrected. Paranoid? More likely than a random typo in a news crawl (as opposed to live cap toning) .


Jul. 7th, 2017 06:06 pm
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In "robust and lengthly [sic] discussion", Trump asks Putin directly about Russian meddling in 2016 election; Putin denies any involvement.
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